How Is Your Foundation Holding Up?

How Is Your Foundation Holding Up?

Schedule a structural and foundation inspection in Fargo, ND to find out

Are you certain your home’s foundation is sturdy? Call Weber Home Inspections, LLC to find out what lies beneath your home. Our inspector will come out to your property to take measurements and perform a visual assessment.

Find out if your home has a failing foundation by scheduling a foundation inspection in Fargo, ND. Call 701-799-7530 today to get started.

4 signs you need a foundation inspection in Fargo, ND

The professional inspectors at Weber Home Inspections have the skills needed to notice the early signs of foundation failure. Here are four things we will look for during our structural inspection:

  • Unleveled areas. One side of your home may feel lower than the other if there are problems with the foundation.
  • Problem doors. Your doors might not open or close properly if the structure is uneven.
  • Cracks. Cracks in your walls or foundation can lead to structural failure.
  • Creaks and sags. There might be foundation problems, if your hardwood flooring creaks or carpet sags.

Make sure the structural integrity of your home is safe for living. Call 701-799-7530 today to schedule your inspection.