Easy, Efficient Home Inspection Software

Easy, Efficient Home Inspection Software

Read on to find out why we use HomeGauge for our Fargo, ND inspections

While most Fargo area home inspectors draft their reports themselves, Weber Home Inspections, LLC relies on HomeGauge inspection software to create detailed reports. We can add videos to your report directly and customize it to meet your needs. HomeGauge has a feature not available anywhere else, the Create Request List (CRL) feature. This exclusive feature allows clients and real estate agents to detail their requests quickly and accurately. When you use HomeGauge software, you can:

  • Request additional services
  • Be aware of every issue in a home
  • Record what you want done to each item that needs repair

Check out the HomeGauge CRL feature here. By using HomeGauge, you’ll have the power to make a sound decision regarding a property. You’ll also receive live updates as any changes occur in your report.

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Don’t let a seller try to deceive you

By reading the inspection report from Weber Home Inspections, you’ll know whether a seller was hiding anything from you when you initially toured your prospective home. You’ll also have more negotiating power and can get your home for a fair price when you know its condition.

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